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    Poems and New Age Music celebrating American Immigrants

  • AMMA ~ Devotional Songs to the Divine Mother

    GRAMMY® Winner Paul Avgerinos wants you to meet his Mother: The Divine Mother that is ~

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  • G R A C E

    ‘ Grace is openness. By remaining open, you let go of your ego and narrow-minded views, and allow Divine Grace to express itself through you.’ - AMMA

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  •     B H A K T I

    BHAKTI – a celebration of love and devotion. Avgerinos offers a joyful and uplifting feast for the ears in this East meets West and Christian meets Hindu riot of sound. A must have for energizing any yoga practice ~ 2015 GRAMMY® Nomination !

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  •     Relax

    25 years in the making, Paul Avgerinos is proud to release this very special compilation album  ~ " This album contain many of my most loved and popular works, and the selections and order were carefully designed for relaxation and the Holistic Arts. I hope that this will help to deepen your peace and joy ."

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  • Meditate

    Sublime Meditation music carefully chosen from 25 years of Paul Avgerinos' career ~ May your Meditation practice be deep, profound and satisfying . . .

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  • 2016 GRAMMY® Win & 2015 Nomination ! Relax, Soothe, Heal, Reflect, Meditate, Be Peace ~ Please enjoy these award winning albums and may your life always be full of Grace, Peace, Joy and Bliss. May you always shine with Wisdom and Light ~ I Give You Love ~ Paul ~ Call Us Now