MAYA ~ Paul Avgerinos New Age Music

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Winner Best Cover Art  & Best Ambient Album  ~ 2005 Zone Reporter

Powerfully portraying an ancient Mayan ritual, deliciously cryptic ambient soundscapes and sacred words are chanted over ceremonial percussion . Over the hill, the soft chant will soon draw forth light and shadows from other realms in a ceremony that reverberates rich with devotion and the renewal of life .

In 1986, watching a documentary on the ancient Mayan Culture, I became fascinated and inspired to make this album . What really caught my attention was this : The Maya had a truly sacred society and culture – there was no distinction between the sacred and the secular – between church and state . Every simple act of daily life, the mundane minutia , the seemingly insignificant – ALL seen and experienced as Sacred and Holy . Can you imagine ?

Each individual inextricably linked to each other individual and seamlessly woven into the mosaic fabric of the greater whole .

“ We are all one “ – not just a thought concept but  the on going experience of life for all members of the society .

This album seeks to convey the experience of one full 24 hour day in the life of the Maya and in particular of one day during one of the most important rituals – the turning of the Mayan calendar and clock which cycled fully every 260 years . The album is made of two thirty minute pieces . The first begins at dawn by the river of life and ends at sunset,  and the second takes us from twilight deep in the sacred temple through the night bringing us back to . . . Dawn .


A powerful portrayal of an ancient Mayan ritual, this deliciously cryptic music consists of sacred words chanted over ceremonial percussion and atmospheric electronic sounds that draw forth shadows from other realms.
Linda Kohanov – All Music Guide 

Maya is an extraordinary sojourn into breathtaking timelessness. The healing benefits of with this rare album can not be put into words – but must be experienced.
Sue Stebbins,

Recorded and mixed at  Studio Unicorn  Redding, CT

Mastered by RCA