Gratitude Joy

Gratitude Joy ~ Paul Avgerinos Indian New Age Music

Gratitude Joy – If you manifest one, the other will follow . . .

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A deep OM chanting space –
perfect for Yoga, Massage, and the Holistic Arts .

Gratitude Joy is on the Real Music label ~


The Perfect Spa CD

I’m very sensitive to all kinds of stimuli, which makes me a fussy spa customer. Usually something has to be changed. The table is too hot. The light is too bright. When the therapist asks me how much pressure I like, I say, “it depends.” I’m especially sensitive when it come to music. So much “spa music” is piano and flute, which is way too stimulating for me. But I would be perfectly happy with a new CD from Real Music called Gratitude JOY . It’s beautiful devotional chanting with Indian instruments like the tabla, and I love the idea behind it — gratitude. One of the artists, Anand Anugrah, says he is expressing gratitude to existence through a devotional singing of OM . It has timeless feeling that lets you float along, and I love it. If you like a lot of different “songs” it’s not the CD for you, but if you like beautiful chanting that is spiritual and soothing, it will put your mind and spirit at ease. The artists are Anand Anugrah and Paul Avgerinos.
Anitra Brown, Spa Guide at

“Here’s one for the hardcore spiritual seeker as a devotee. It just has three phrases for you and all have “Om” in them. A chant record with production values, these chants are the ones you do as just seek to merge gratitude into joy.”
– Chris Spector, Midwest Records

“This album is really wonderful and perfectly attuned to assist in relaxing deeply. Thank you!”
– Carla WDVR FM

“I fully appreciate your new production Gratitude Joy & hail its effect as the vibrations ripple out to the world.”
– Captain Christopher WTUL FM

“Great CD! Just received it and am playing it all this month and probably through August.”
– Linda Coffin, The Night Traveler, KRCB FM, Santa Rosa

Recorded and mixed at  Studio Unicorn  Redding, CT