• The BHAKTI Band

    The BHAKTI Band ~ Ecstatic Music and Mantra

    I am truly happy to present a talented and devoted band of musicians and singers in a lovely and uplifting evening of Ecstatic Music, Mantra and Healing energy work. The Bhakti Band is a large tent that presents several different and wonderful artists at their very best .

    Our mission and ministry is to help all people experience pure unconditional love and the Oneness of all existence .

    Rick and Cynthia Quintanal’s Crystal Cymbalogy offers an an opportunity to re-attune the body and mind through pure sound vibration.

    Christine Yandell and Steve Waite’s Sweetbird offers deeply Spiritual songs .

    John Marshall is a master of Tabla, World Drums and Percussion .

    Paul Avgerinos is a Producer and Artist who has been making award winning New Age albums for 30 years .

    Together, these wonderful artists offer a variety of musical styles and Spiritual modalities making for an interesting and satisfying performance experience. Opportunities for audience participation abound and include singing, dancing and even playing the Indian Tambura !

    To book The Bhakti Band for your Yoga Studio or Event please contact Paul Avgerinos ~

    203-938-0069  Call Us Now  Email ~ paul@roundskymusic.com