• Music ~ My path to Love

    I remember that day forty years ago as clearly as this very moment. Saddened and disheartened by my parent’s divorce, I sat alone in our darkened porch with my eyes closed, drawing a horse hair bow sticky with tree rosin across the string of a bass violin, my cheekbone pressed against the neck of the instrument so that the deep resonant vibrations poured directly into my skull, my whole being vibrating with the majestic powerful perfection of sound. I had just clearly heard the voice of God in one simple pure note. I had just discovered the power of music to heal, bless, forgive and lead us to love, our true and highest nature. That 13 year old boy did not know then that a lifetime career in music lay ahead but he was very sure that he had discovered something deep, profound and very significant. Pure sound vibrations directly change your mood, thoughts and feelings, and if you listen with perfect one pointed attention, music will HEAL you. Of course, we actually heal ourselves through the magical power of God, our souls and bodies, but music guides us to ALLOW it to happen.
    Music is perfectly balanced, complete, harmonious and whole. When we are one with music, we ARE love in perfect harmony with the universe and all sentient beings. When we ARE love, perceived hurts and pains drop away as there is really nothing to forgive since we are complete and whole in the perfection of our divine nature. We look upon all of life’s stories and circumstances with complete compassion and acceptance, especially our very own life stories and circumstances.
    So that innocent 13 year old boy made his way out into the world. A full scholarship to a prestigious conservatory, a devastating heartbreak. World tours, Carnegie hall, terrible loneliness and depression. Critical acclaim and career success, lost loves, more heartbreak and eventually the death of his dear parents . . .
    Through it all, music steadily draws me to BE LOVE, Peace, Joy, Bliss, Wisdom and Grace. In fact, as my life difficulties increased, my music became more purely love. Music, my constant guiding light and beacon of hope, never failing, always true, ever faithful as God is. And so dear friends, listen deeply and listen well. You too will hear the voice of God speaking directly to your heart and soul. Healing, forgiving, blessing you in all ways . . . I learned that life is like a wheel going round and round. Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. Don’t get attached to the temporary circumstances of physical existence. They are fleeting and ever changing. Hold fast to the center, the heart of God which is perfect Love.

    It will never fail you !

    In the peace and love of Music,

    Paul Avgerinos

    Paul A & Dolphin Alex 2013

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  1. Lana says:

    So lovely and true !! Thank you as always !! Blessings forever !!!