• Avgerinos / GNOSIS interview on Cosmos FM ~ WNYE ~ NYC

    Just did an interview about my 2006 album called GNOSIS with Mike Stratis at Cosmos FM ~ 91.5 WNYE NYC ~
          Avgerinos on Cosmos FM

    We focused on a lot of the Greek and Gnostic aspects of the album , as well as my Greek ancestry and roots . Mike is a wonderful interviewer helping to share my work with the Greek American community and I truly enjoyed our conversation !

          Here is the 45 minute interview about GNOSIS

    GNOSIS, Ambient Greek New Age  by Paul Avgerinos

    A rich soundscape of Greek Ambience, GNOSIS journeys deep into our ancient roots to find a resonance for today . Gnosis means knowing & knowledge – Gnostic wisdom comes to life in this rich tapestry of ancient Greek chants, Tabla, Oud, Sarangi, Cello, Angelic Choirs… Awaken now, journey to the center of your heart into pure being – into  G N O S I S

    Gnosis is Awakening, knowing – pure being in this eternal moment. Direct experience unfiltered by thoughts and ideas. Free of the illusion of time, past and future melt away . We are free to experience the eternal NOW, in all it’s glory. Awake from the illusion of separateness. Realize that we are all connected by an exquisite web of infinite complexity . Awake from the dream of life as an isolated individual to the blissful BIG love of Oneness with all of creation.

    Free yourself from literal interpretations of sacred texts .

    Open the eyes of your heart and KNOW the truth directly .

    The great Gnostic Saint Paul said to the Ephesians,  The letter kills, but the spirit brings to life .

    Breathe – Smile – Calm your body

    Breathe – Smile – Quiet your mind


    Between your thoughts

    within your heart

    eternally now

    you know

    G N O S I S

          Here is the 45 minute interview about GNOSIS