• Close Encounters of the Spiritual kind

    Here are some of the key experiences, old and new, that have shaped my life in profound ways. I call them

    Close encounters of the Spiritual kind

    Balance on one finger – June 2009

    Several times in meditation, a timeless ageless monk has appeared to me balancing upside down on only one finger ! He had the cherubic face of a perfectly lovely boy and the wisdom and grace of an ascended master . Joy and Bliss emanated from him and he was clearly enjoying my reaction of amazement and wonder .
    he said telepathically ~
    ” You shall do all this and much, much more . Weightless we are, floating in Bliss . . .”

    The Good Lord Comforts and Protects – 1994

    In one of my darkest periods, I found myself involved with a very colorful character who was tempting me into many self destructive behaviors . At one point, I calmly said to him –
    You are Satan, aren’t you ?
    He just laughed and we went on with the evenings festivities .
    Well I started having more and more frightening dreams, wrestling with Demons and Tormentors until finally Satan himself appeared in a horrific vision of anguish and torment . I cried out to the Lord Jesus to save me and I awoke, sweating and shaking with fear .
    Looking at the clock, I saw that it was 3:33 in the morning .
    This happened several more times, always at 3:33 !
    The last time was during the day . Exhausted from the heavy labor of building a recording studio, I collapsed for a nap under the skylight in my bedroom .
    Again Satan came to destroy me and claim my very soul, a giant horrible beast, breathing fire and death . I cried out to the Lord and heard the scream of a Hawk Three times . Forcing my horrified eyes open, I saw a beautiful Red Tailed hawk directly above the skylight !
    Our eyes locked in recognition and I heard his voice in my head –
    Are you alright now ? Yes ? Good  – With that he swooped off like a fighter jet . Again, the clock read 3:33 . My entire being was tingling with awe and wonder as I realized how the Lord had moved through this magnificent creature of wings and feathers .
    Much later in my prayer meditations with the Good Lord, I asked to know the meaning of the clock’s 3:33 .
    Lord Jesus said – The clock cannot go to 6:66 – but know that you were halfway there  .
    All Praise and Glory be to God, and to his Blessed Son, Jesus  !  To this day I always say a special prayer of Gratitude when the clock shows 3:33 .

    Angels Comfort and Protect – 1996

    Suffering the grief of a deeply painful heartbreak, I sat alone in my bedroom, weeping inconsolably . I was crying so hard that it felt as if the wailing was actually going to kill me .
    Just as I uttered the words, Lord, please end this life of suffering,
    Two glorious spheres of light swooped down, one on my left, and one on my right . Radiant blue and white diamonds of geometric perfection glowed, pulsating from within the orbs of light . I immediately understood that these were Guardian Angels . Speaking telepathically, as the Spirit does, they said,
    Do not be afraid , this is not the time of your death .
    We will protect and comfort you . Nothing can harm you within this circle of light – you are safe and you are truly loved . My tears of grief turned to tears of joy as I felt their perfect love and peace washing and flowing through my body, mind and soul . After the Angels faded away, I felt their deeply healing Peace for many days .

    Now is the Time . . . 2006

    In a lucid dream, I find myself in a cemetery .
    Several souls are telling me their sad life stories when
    I see myself about twenty feet away .
    Identical in every way, it is actually exciting and joyous to see myself exactly as I appear from someone else’s viewpoint . My ‘ twin ‘ self approaches me and gently kisses my hand , telepathically saying,

    Now is the time for the Father and the Son
    to become One  .
    As these words are spoken, some of the tortured evil spirits in the crematory nearby begin trying to frighten and hurt me . I call out the name of the Lord and I am whisked safely away from that place .
    I understand this teaching to mean that I have come to an important stage in my path of growth.
    The beginning of an even deeper union of my Divine and Human selves .

    Thomas Sings – 2006 ~

    A normal dream became lucid and powerful as I met a magnificent towering being who identified himself telepathically as Thomas .
    Reaching down, he extended his hand right through the top of my head and began gently massaging my mind and with a most exquisite sensation of psychic massage . As he massaged and soothed my very soul, Thomas began to sing the Song of The Angels . A multitude of voices and parts cascaded down from the heavens – how could such perfect and complex divine musical beauty emanate from just one being ?
    Now the words became clear – Angels sing the praise and glory of God without ceasing …
    Awaking from this blissful bath I tried my best to write down and duplicate this music in my recording studio . The results are incorporated into my album GNOSIS on the piece ” We Are One “, but alas, my human efforts fell remarkably short of the example set by the great Angel, Thomas .
    Later on, I realized how appropriate my Angelic Benefactor’s name was for one such as me who has struggled so very much with his faith ~ Doubting Thomas transformed !

    No one knows the hour of His coming ~

    In 1984 I was the furthest I have ever been from Christianity .
    Having long abandoned the Greek Orthodoxy of my childhood, I had taken an Indian Guru, and was deeply immersed in Yoga and Taoism .
    The night before the start of a large musical tour with Charles Aznavour, I lay awake anxiously struggling with my career choices and goals in music, and feeling very bad about my relationship with my Daughter .
    At 3:33 in the morning the room started getting lighter and brighter,
    the divine warmth of pure Love began flowing through, around and within me . The ceiling turned to clouds with the most radiant Sun behind them . The flow of perfect love and bliss reached a peak in me with tears of joy exploding from my being as I began to speak
    .. Oh my ___ .. . I could not say the G word as the clouds parted and Lord Jesus was right there, smiling at me . Suddenly I understood the power of saying the name of God . I could not utter it in his presence .
    The Good Lord spoke in my mind :
    I forgive you, I Love you, I Bless you .. .
    Nine simple words, shaping and guiding my life since that perfect day .
    Then the Lord showed me Three pictures in my mind :
    The First regarding my musical life and my regret at leaving the Classical Orchestral world. The Second was of my Daughter and the Third was Blank . Many years later I finally understood that the Blank picture was about having Faith in the unknown future, allowing the Good Lord to manifest through my life .
    The next day on the plane to Los Angeles, the First person I told my experience to was a new band member that I had just met .
    He calmly said , that happens to me all the time .
    Since that night, I tried to dismiss and rationalize my Vision of The Lord for many years, but in the end, I had to accept that this was the most real and valid experience that I have ever had .
    Later on Jesus appeared to me in a lucid dream waiting at the foot of a pathway . Smiling at me and saying telepathically, follow me , he turned and walked up the path .
    Ten years later in 1994 after the Good Lord had guided me to a much happier life, I found myself deeply committed to a small Christian Church .

    The first 25 years of my life I sought direct experience of God which I received in full measure .

    The Second 25 years I expressed and shared these transcendent experiences through my music .

    Now I choose to BE
    a direct channel and instrument of Divine Bliss .

    Now is the time for the Father and Son to BE One .

    In the Peace and Love of Christ,